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À l’instant, Le Pen ne sera pas élu. À tout à l’heure !

Oh. My. Goodness. and now this~ I watched this happen in the US. “Nobody in their right mind would vote for Trump” followed closely by 63 odd million voters voted for Trump. Please France, I beg you. Don’t be like … Continue reading

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Say Hello To My Little Friend, Tu Quoque

I’ve added a new category of post: Tuquoque It’ll make searching for Trumpalumpa Ding Dong articles easier. I’m all about the work smart, not harder rubric…. But first, [drum roll] The number of days Trump hasn’t been a National embarrassment … Continue reading

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Methinks You Protest Too Much

Why would PEOTUS spend so much time denying something as not true, to the exclusion of other more important things concerning governing the country? It’s also funny hearing the press whining about how Trump treats them. Shoulda thought of that … Continue reading

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Pop Goes The Weasel

What’s the WORST that could happen? Democrats are about to find out. We have a GOP President with majorities in the Senate and House, and in the State Governorships. This is the worst case scenario. If progressive voters want change, … Continue reading

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I Don’t “Hate” Hillary. I’m Just Not Going to Vote For Her

The manufacturing consent people are wringing their hands and wearing the sack cloth and ashes over Bernie holdouts. Liberals *must* vote Clinton to save the Universe from the dreaded scourge of the Orange Grudge, Mein Hair, the most royal DuhDonald … Continue reading

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