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Why Do Christians Complain About Liberals Ushering In The Anti Christ?

Juuuuuuussst when I thought I couldn’t possibly manage to squeeze out another athy post this week, I see this on social media about former Congressman and raving right wing loon, Michelle Bachmann. Feel free to imagine your own captions 😉 … Continue reading

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Dear Christians: Is It Ok To Lie To Promote Your Beliefs?

This is an important and uncomfortable question for believers to consider. If polled, I’d guess most would say not in spite of the fact they do it routinely when talking to atheists *and* other christians. Are they aware they’re doing … Continue reading

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QOTD: Will You Join Us In The Blessing?

What’s the harm in a meaningless ritual after all? It’s polite, respectful of others. Surely christians respect non believers more when they are accommodating in these ways. Or do they? One of my best friends in the world is a … Continue reading

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Breaking News!!!!!!!!

  Obama told reporters that he believes the inclusion of “under God” runs afoul of the First Amendment’s establishment clause. He summed up his press briefing by challenging congress to create a new pledge that more accurately reflects America’s valuesWASHINGTON, … Continue reading

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A Brief Thinky Piece About A Thinky Piece

You will find “Help Us Endure” here.  The author Tim Miller put a fair amount of effort into trying to convince us of the value of suffering. Or at least that we shouldn’t “blame god” for the horrible things that … Continue reading

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