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QOTD: Will You Join Us In The Blessing?

What’s the harm in a meaningless ritual after all? It’s polite, respectful of others. Surely christians respect non believers more when they are accommodating in these ways. Or do they? One of my best friends in the world is a … Continue reading

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A Brief Thinky Piece About A Thinky Piece

You will find “Help Us Endure” here.  The author Tim Miller put a fair amount of effort into trying to convince us of the value of suffering. Or at least that we shouldn’t “blame god” for the horrible things that … Continue reading

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Ask An Atheist

Ask an Atheist   I don’t expect this post to get any traffic right away, but I hope to have conversations with people over time that will help to normalize how the religious see the non religious. I also realize … Continue reading

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Dear SailorDale: If We Edited all the Incorrect Stuff From Your Replies There’d Be Nothing Left.

The following is an answer that is logistically too long to try and fit in over at Arkenaten’s blog, “ATaleUntold” The black text is “SailorDale” and the red and green text is me. You think I have not read my … Continue reading

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Easter Thoughts in September

I was going through one of my diaries today and found this little mini memoir I’d written back in the day. I can’t remember which one, so don’t ask.  It’s just perfect for a Monday.   There are days you … Continue reading

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