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Hello. It’s Been Awhile. Not Much, How ‘Bout You?

I’ve been bone idle about posting but you knew that. I’m sitting here wagging my head back and forth like some spastic version of Stevie Wonder. Music? Poetry? Music? Poetry? I can’t decide. Like Solomon, I’m gonna split the baby. … Continue reading

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Poetry: “The UnChosen” by Judson Jerome

For those hankering for “athy” poetry, here’s a selection by Judson Jerome whose incisive wit and entendre stand out in this particular work. Do enjoy. The Unchosen I guess I have a deficiency. God never said boo to me when … Continue reading

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What The Heck Was I thinking?

So, it’s Sunday and I’ve got nothing. It’s time to post weakly and I can’t even muster scurrilous doggerel for your amusement. Then in a serendipitous moment, our dear Carmen and a new reader, Marliesvonn popped in to comment on … Continue reading

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