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There’s a Crack In Everything: That’s How The Light Gets In

Leonard Cohen passed away recently. Ordinarily I’d do an homage to his music and poetry, but there’s not much to say that already hasn’t been well said. Those that liked him really liked him, and those that didn’t don’t care. … Continue reading

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Music: Ya Cain’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd

Some posts are for the readers, this one’s for me and if any of you enjoy it I’ll consider it to be a happy accident. A lot of music you hear is a “cover” of someone else’s song. Generational music … Continue reading

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Music: Jesus The Missing Years

This here’s a shoutout and a dedication to Johnathan Camac, debate 101er and apologist extraordinaire. It’s an example of how people will cling to shit that’s just made up. Only in Prine’s case it’s entertaining and just as true as … Continue reading

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Gravitar~ You promise such sweet things

“Gravitar” Gravitar is working against me And gravitar wants to bring me down Oh I’ll never know what makes this man With all the love that his heart can stand Dream of ways to throw it all away Oh, gravitar … Continue reading

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Adventures In Pop Culture

I rarely do any posts on pop culture because at my age, it’s almost pointless to try and stay relevant in an area where the subject matter changes hourly 24/7.  Plus, I’m comfortable liking the stuff I like from the … Continue reading

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