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Dear Christians: Is It Ok To Lie To Promote Your Beliefs?

This is an important and uncomfortable question for believers to consider. If polled, I’d guess most would say not in spite of the fact they do it routinely when talking to atheists *and* other christians. Are they aware they’re doing … Continue reading

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Everyone Has a “god”

Originally posted on Matthew Winters (Comeback Pastor):
A few hours ago, someone posted some thoughts about atheism. This prompted me to also write about some things I have considered. Some of these things were covered by the other blogger, while…

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Bertrand Russell: Why I’m Not a Christian

Every now and then you hear a discussion on whether or not religion has a net positive value on society. Many of the recent greats like the four horsemen have talked about this in various forums. I agree with Matt … Continue reading

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A Brief Thinky Piece About A Thinky Piece

You will find “Help Us Endure” here.  The author Tim Miller put a fair amount of effort into trying to convince us of the value of suffering. Or at least that we shouldn’t “blame god” for the horrible things that … Continue reading

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Belief = morality and law-abiding behavior. Is there evidence to support this position?

Most christians would say yes.  Recent studies definitively say otherwise.  Which will I rely on? Let’s see. My choices are: a Bronze age text written during a time when we didn’t know where the sun went at night, or actual … Continue reading

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