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I Have Coffee and Apple Pie So Let’s DO This! Why Is Suffering Necessary?

Here’s the thing. Folks be giving the S&M crowd the side eye while they’re surfing the porn sites, but in church on Sunday they don’t give a second thought about the concept of vicarious atonement [penile substitution 😘]. What is … Continue reading

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Unconditional Love

I’ve been puzzling over writing a “sufficiently athy” post [that hasn’t already been done to death and back] and a conversation tumbled into my lap from social media. I’ll share it here. See what you think. So, I’m talking to … Continue reading

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My Diary: A Dozen Eggs

Some of my best years were at my grandparents home on the coast. The worn old cape cod was built in the early 1900’s by relatives long passed. The Northerly cedar hedge that sheltered us from the often cruel winter … Continue reading

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