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Dear SailorDale: If We Edited all the Incorrect Stuff From Your Replies There’d Be Nothing Left.

The following is an answer that is logistically too long to try and fit in over at Arkenaten’s blog, “ATaleUntold” The black text is “SailorDale” and the red and green text is me. You think I have not read my … Continue reading

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Music: Jesus The Missing Years

This here’s a shoutout and a dedication to Johnathan Camac, debate 101er and apologist extraordinaire. It’s an example of how people will cling to shit that’s just made up. Only in Prine’s case it’s entertaining and just as true as … Continue reading

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Dear Christians

    There’s this >news article< and >video <circulating social media by apologists that supposedly ends atheism for good and all.  There’s only a couple things wrong with that assumption.  It doesn’t.  Even if it did, religion would still face … Continue reading

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