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‘Murica! They’ll Let You Keep Your Guns While they Rob You of Your Civil Liberties

Another senseless tragedy plays out in Las Vegas Nevada. To put this event in some perspective, 54 Americans were killed & 425 were wounded during the main phase of 2nd Fallujah, Nov 2004, the biggest battle of our Iraq War. … Continue reading

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Shorter GOP: Repeal THEN Replace Healthcare

Everyone’s going to have a house. A big beautiful house. We have the best houses. But FIRST we’re gonna have to burn down YOUR house. THEN we’ll replace it.

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I’m Gonna Stick A Pin In Some GOP Nonsense Today.

I can’t seem to look away from the ongoing wreck that is Conservatism in America today. I want to, I just can’t muster the courage to ignore it. There are several favorite tenets to GOP orthodoxy we keep hearing in … Continue reading

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