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Advice for Democrats

Here’s an article every Democrat should read. Twice. Below is a quote from it speaking the truth to power. Purge the Clintonites This brings me to the hardest yet most obvious thing the Democrats need to do as a party. … Continue reading

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Pop Goes The Weasel

What’s the WORST that could happen? Democrats are about to find out. We have a GOP President with majorities in the Senate and House, and in the State Governorships. This is the worst case scenario. If progressive voters want change, … Continue reading

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I Don’t “Hate” Hillary. I’m Just Not Going to Vote For Her

The manufacturing consent people are wringing their hands and wearing the sack cloth and ashes over Bernie holdouts. Liberals *must* vote Clinton to save the Universe from the dreaded scourge of the Orange Grudge, Mein Hair, the most royal DuhDonald … Continue reading

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