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À l’instant, Le Pen ne sera pas élu. À tout à l’heure !

Oh. My. Goodness. and now this~ I watched this happen in the US. “Nobody in their right mind would vote for Trump” followed closely by 63 odd million voters voted for Trump. Please France, I beg you. Don’t be like … Continue reading

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This Week in US Politics

Donald trump said: The GOP said: The Press said: The Citizens said: Kelly Anne Conway said: I muttered under my breath at the pundits on TV:

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One of These Things is not Like the Other.

Mein Hair’s new edicts: *Increase border patrol by 5000 *Identify criminal aliens *Triple ICE enforcement agents *Create victim’s advocacy office for victims of illegal alien crime. *Federal hiring freeze on all gov’t jobs except the military. Other troubling shit we … Continue reading

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New Year Regerts:

I’ve been watching queer weddings and I shouldn’t. And yes, they’re “weddings” not gay weddings, for those lefties who are sensitive about labels, but I make the distinction for context. You see, I have no interest in straight people’s marital … Continue reading

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Can you show some love?

I found a new blog of an person who’s just athy. It’s a logical progression: Athy, Athyer, Atheist.  Stop by and say hi.

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