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NSFW! Minister talks about Genitalia.

All right, anyone with a sensitivity to sex and sexual stuff, should probably skip this post, unless you like being offended in which case you may have come to the right spot. So there’s a gaggle of tv/cable/podcast religious shows … Continue reading

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Inside the Mind, in a Sciencee, Music-ee Kinda Way

We should probably have a palate cleanser from the political today. On that note, there’s some recent buzz in the media about a recent study that claims to be able to identify psychopaths by their taste in music. From the … Continue reading

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Hello. It’s Been Awhile. Not Much, How ‘Bout You?

I’ve been bone idle about posting but you knew that. I’m sitting here wagging my head back and forth like some spastic version of Stevie Wonder. Music? Poetry? Music? Poetry? I can’t decide. Like Solomon, I’m gonna split the baby. … Continue reading

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Republican Jesus’s Church Now Open To Houston Refugees

I’m pretty sure Republican Jesus doesn’t approve of helping UGH poor people or those who find themselves suddenly in need of food and shelter due to a weather crisis. How are these people ever going to learn personal responsibility? Perhaps … Continue reading

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Now Hear this

I’ve started another blog. You may have already seen a new icon in your likes and such. If there’s good news about this, it’s that I’ll post even less there than I do here. But I’ll be using it more … Continue reading

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