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Green Eggs and Spam

I have no idea how you, my dear fellow bloggers deal with your “comments” that akismet relegates to the spam folder. For years, I never read them, just clicked on the purge button and awaaaaay they went. I don’t have … Continue reading

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William Lane Craig Gives Me A Headache. His Adherents Are Even Worse.

Most of the junior apologists [or punters as I like to call them,] I’ve talked to on social media who are evolution deniers hew to Doctor Craig’s every breath and thought. “Doctor, doctor give me the news I’ve got a … Continue reading

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Are you an Atheist for the Wrong Reasons?

I stumbled across an article in a Christian publication called “How Peter Singer and Oxford turned me off Atheism” by Sarah Irving-Stonebreaker. Once I got past the usual boilerplate rhetoric of how absolutely “atheisty” she was, “top of her game, … Continue reading

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Did You Know Satan Sleeps in your Nose at Night?

I was like, whoah, that explains a lot of stuff like bed head, irritability, bad breath, and the general malaise I feel on waking up in the morning. Little Timmy Minchin is seen here struggling with a waxy Satanic buildup … Continue reading

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The Long Agonizing Slide Into Complete Corruption: The James Comey Edition

It’s obvious from the way Trump acts that he thinks he’s been made by electoral fiat into an emperor rather than a servant of the American people. It’s also obvious he has no regard for the rule of law unless … Continue reading

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