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How Did We Get To Charlottesville?

I’ve been avoiding posting about the recent White Supremacist demonstration and the murder of an innocent woman for a couple reasons.  I think it’s so beyond obvious that writing about it ends up being empty virtue signalling on my part, … Continue reading

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Well, That Escalated Rather Quickly

Dear, dear readers. I watched my weekly “Simon’s Cat” video today and then decided to watch a movie I purchased recently. While setting up the DVD player I scrolled through Wolff Blitzer on the CNN saying something, something, something else, … Continue reading

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Who’d Have Guessed Trump Is Cynical, Amoral, And Self Serving?

I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you. Someone said the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. So when people like Caitlyn Jenner act all betrayed and dismayed about Trump’s treatment of gay people I’d say the most important information … Continue reading

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Shorter GOP: Repeal THEN Replace Healthcare

Everyone’s going to have a house. A big beautiful house. We have the best houses. But FIRST we’re gonna have to burn down YOUR house. THEN we’ll replace it.

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The Long Agonizing Slide Into Complete Corruption: The James Comey Edition

It’s obvious from the way Trump acts that he thinks he’s been made by electoral fiat into an emperor rather than a servant of the American people. It’s also obvious he has no regard for the rule of law unless … Continue reading

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