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Inside the Mind, in a Sciencee, Music-ee Kinda Way

We should probably have a palate cleanser from the political today. On that note, there’s some recent buzz in the media about a recent study that claims to be able to identify psychopaths by their taste in music. From the … Continue reading

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Hello. It’s Been Awhile. Not Much, How ‘Bout You?

I’ve been bone idle about posting but you knew that. I’m sitting here wagging my head back and forth like some spastic version of Stevie Wonder. Music? Poetry? Music? Poetry? I can’t decide. Like Solomon, I’m gonna split the baby. … Continue reading

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There’s a Crack In Everything: That’s How The Light Gets In

Leonard Cohen passed away recently. Ordinarily I’d do an homage to his music and poetry, but there’s not much to say that already hasn’t been well said. Those that liked him really liked him, and those that didn’t don’t care. … Continue reading

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Music: Ya Cain’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd

Some posts are for the readers, this one’s for me and if any of you enjoy it I’ll consider it to be a happy accident. A lot of music you hear is a “cover” of someone else’s song. Generational music … Continue reading

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