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Why Do Christians Complain About Liberals Ushering In The Anti Christ?

Juuuuuuussst when I thought I couldn’t possibly manage to squeeze out another athy post this week, I see this on social media about former Congressman and raving right wing loon, Michelle Bachmann. Feel free to imagine your own captions 😉 … Continue reading

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What Would Jesus Drive? WWJD

More Thursday giggles:

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On the Lighter Side

I have no idea if this will load or not. I hope so. It’s too funny to pass up. Click the first link. — Theater of SciFi (@theaterofscifi) March 7, 2017 //

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Spinderella Gets Comfy At The Really White House

So TrumpleThinSkin was having a thing in the Oval Orifice, and Spinderella, aka Kelly Anne Conway was snapping pics on her phone. Business as usual. Except I notice both sides of the ideological divide are outraged, you’d NEVER guess who … Continue reading

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I never thought leopards would eat MY face,

sobs the woman who voted for the leopards-eating-people’s-faces-party….. Quote @Cavalorn

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