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NSFW! Minister talks about Genitalia.

All right, anyone with a sensitivity to sex and sexual stuff, should probably skip this post, unless you like being offended in which case you may have come to the right spot. So there’s a gaggle of tv/cable/podcast religious shows … Continue reading

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Jesus and Mary On a Cheese Sandwich

Just as an aside before the main really really big sheewww [Ed Sullivan voice] don’t ever put a permalink on a blog post. It is, as the name implies a PERMA link. The world is in the midst of an … Continue reading

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Republican Jesus’s Church Now Open To Houston Refugees

I’m pretty sure Republican Jesus doesn’t approve of helping UGH poor people or those who find themselves suddenly in need of food and shelter due to a weather crisis. How are these people ever going to learn personal responsibility? Perhaps … Continue reading

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Keep Calm! It’s Just A Flesh Wound

After the crucifiction in the bible Jesus appeared to Thomas and eight of the disciples. This is the first instance of what we can expect from bodies that are raised from the dead. You can finger their wounds. Whatever damage … Continue reading

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How Did We Get To Charlottesville?

I’ve been avoiding posting about the recent White Supremacist demonstration and the murder of an innocent woman for a couple reasons.  I think it’s so beyond obvious that writing about it ends up being empty virtue signalling on my part, … Continue reading

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