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NSFW! Minister talks about Genitalia.

All right, anyone with a sensitivity to sex and sexual stuff, should probably skip this post, unless you like being offended in which case you may have come to the right spot. So there’s a gaggle of tv/cable/podcast religious shows … Continue reading

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Jesus and Mary On a Cheese Sandwich

Just as an aside before the main really really big sheewww [Ed Sullivan voice] don’t ever put a permalink on a blog post. It is, as the name implies a PERMA link. The world is in the midst of an … Continue reading

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‘Murica! They’ll Let You Keep Your Guns While they Rob You of Your Civil Liberties

Another senseless tragedy plays out in Las Vegas Nevada. To put this event in some perspective, 54 Americans were killed & 425 were wounded during the main phase of 2nd Fallujah, Nov 2004, the biggest battle of our Iraq War. … Continue reading

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Inside the Mind, in a Sciencee, Music-ee Kinda Way

We should probably have a palate cleanser from the political today. On that note, there’s some recent buzz in the media about a recent study that claims to be able to identify psychopaths by their taste in music. From the … Continue reading

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Taking a Knee?

Originally posted on northierthanthou:
Institute of American Indian Arts (Photo compliments of Moni) Not everyone really appreciates just how powerful the ritual of standing for the National Anthem really can be. I got a real sense of this when I…

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