I’m a sporadic writer, and so very likely not going to inspire a lot of readers.  I will try and make what I post worth your while if you do decide to visit.

About me:  I’m retired.  Combat veteran.  Male.  Jack of many trades, master of none.  Degrees in theology, science, engineering, education.  Lived many years off the grid.  Carpenter, mason, electrician, plumber by necessity, bibliophile, cinephile, writer, and potter for personal enrichment.







You can find me here on twitter.

Temp edit for Uzzah



28 Responses to About

  1. I had to look up apostate. 🙂


  2. migarium says:

    Thank you for your existence on this planet, my Earthling friend:)


  3. carmen says:

    Hi persedeplume,
    You don’t have a contact button so I thought I’d explain a bit about my blog. (Thanks for signing up, by the way). We have a daughter living ‘away’ and when I first started to visit her, I was writing to various members of the family, keeping them informed about her daily life and about my interactions with the family. (Conversely, I sometimes put happenings at home on there for her to read) Our eldest suggested I start a blog, so that I wouldn’t have to repeat myself to umpteen different people. I’m not very tech-savvy, so I don’t have topics organized, etc. You’ll see that I don’t post very often and in order to make any sense of it, you’d probably have to scroll way down to the bottom and read forward to the present. It’s very much a personal journal, which has turned into a public blog b/c my blogging friends are so charitable they feel the urge to reciprocate when I comment on their blogs. 🙂 Please be assured there’s nothing prophetic on my blog; I leave the deep-thinking to my mentors on-line.

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    • persedeplume says:

      It’s been lovely making your acquaintance, Carmen. I did take a quick tour of some posts, I found the one on Maple syrup brought up a lot of memories for me. Making memories with family and preserving them is a high calling in itself. I look forward to future posts.
      I’m getting on in years and the frenetic pace of change in the WP framework is discouraging to say the least. It has been one of the bigger factors in my not blogging enough to make it worth a readers while. Nothing terribly prescient in my writing either, it’s a rumpled sack to hold my occasional spare thoughts. 🙂
      I never considered having a contact button. Thanks for mentioning it. I may add one if I can figure it out. 🙂


  4. carmen says:

    I just added another ‘Category’ and put a gmail address on there; not my home/personal email. Many people don’t have them, for various reasons. I have ‘met’ so many wonderful people via a contact button, having been introduced to them by way of the writings on their blogs.

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  5. carmen says:

    I can smell rubber burning. . . grin. . .

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  6. marliesvonn says:

    BEST TITLE EVER for a blog. I’d like to see a door that looks like a jar.


  7. Carmen says:

    It reminds me of that question, “When’s a door not a door?” 🙂


  8. John says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog and “liking” my post, the Deconversion of a Calvinist. I always appreciate knowing when someone has been by. Best wishes.

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  9. What does the name “My Door is Ajar” mean?


  10. Argus says:

    Oh dear~! Another God-damned ranting raving irate blasted idealistic realist.

    So few of us left …

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  11. Steve Ruis says:

    The cherry blossoms are gorgeous! Thanks!

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  12. Best read while in the bog.


  13. NeuroNotes says:

    The best about page I’ve read to date. For some reason I thought I’d already visited here. Apparently not. This made me laugh — made my evening. 😀

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