Death Row Inmate Eats Bible As Last Meal

From World News Daily Report:

Atmore, Alabama | When the prison staff asked 33-year Jeremy Morris if he wanted anything special for his last meal, he answered “I just want a Bible”.

The prison guards of the William C. Holman Correctional Facility thought he wanted to pray and repent, so they gave him an old copy of the King James Bible.

Against all expectations, the condemned murderer began tearing up the holy book and eating it.

It took hours of chewing and swallowing small pieces of paper, but Mr Morris ate the totality of the 1200-page book, including the cover.

Walter Henri, the prison guard who handed him the old and worn out Bible, says the inmate seemed to “savor every bite”.Holman Prison director, Frank Davis, says the staff decided to let the prisoner eat the Bible because it didn’t violate the establishment’s “last meal policy”.

Amazing.  I wanted this to be true. If I’m ever on Death Row, that’s my last meal. No salt or pepper, just the wretched vellum containing the biggest lie ever told for 2000 years.

But my Spidey sense was a tingling so I looked into it a little further.  What did Snopes say?

It’s true in the same way as Trump’s saying he’s not going to touch Medicare and Social Security.  Well dang. Maybe I’ll settle for a face tat instead.

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9 Responses to Death Row Inmate Eats Bible As Last Meal

  1. Scottie says:

    I think I would need some sauce to choke those lies down. Not sure what goes with the bible? Something sweet to get rid of the bitter bile of the book? Hot sauce to go with the hate and smiting? Ranch for the many animal sacrifices? 🙂 Have a great week. Hugs

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  2. Steve Ruis says:

    Well, I’d swallow that.

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  3. Hahahaha……thanks for the terrific laugh!!!!!!

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  4. Reblogged this on atheistsmeowatrandom and commented:
    This is absolutely hilarious!!!!

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  5. john zande says:

    Does a kilo of drugs count as a ‘last meal’?

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  6. Judy says:

    what’s really spooky, Jeremy Morris without those bizarre tattoos looks like close kin to the man who is putting up a drywall ceiling for us…[trying not to think about that too much]

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  7. Judy says:

    There are just so many faces in the world, and sooner or later you start playing a manic kind of matching game with some of them–does make you wonder, though.

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