Everyone Has a “god”

I haven’t managed a good “athy” post in a while, but here’s something I bet you can chew on.
It’s an appeal to authority for the most part, something we’ve seen many times before. I think this is a good opportunity to explore Hitchens famous challenge: Name one moral act a christian can do that an atheist can’t.”

Matthew Winters (Comeback Pastor)

A few hours ago, someone posted some thoughts about atheism. This prompted me to also write about some things I have considered. Some of these things were covered by the other blogger, while some thoughts were not.

I recently read something posted by someone who brags about being an atheist. He has every right to believe as he wishes. That is one of the great things about America – freedom of religion (or lack thereof). This individual has also made statements about what is right and what is wrong. I began to contemplate this. If this person does not believe there is a god, then who decides right from wrong? We do. Doesn’t that elevate us to a god-like status?

That is a huge part of today’s problem…we have become our own god. We would swear that we don’t worship ourselves, but the evidence proves to the contrary. Life, for…

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15 Responses to Everyone Has a “god”

  1. persedeplume says:

    I don’t see any atheist comments on the pastor’s blog, so I don’t know how open to comment he is over there. Feel free to comment here if you can’t get past moderation.

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  2. judyt54 says:

    i read it and frankly there’s not a lot to say, and not a lot I want to say to them. It would be like walking in on a revival meeting wearing horns and carrying a bucket of coals. Not gonna happen. It did not feel, shall we say, atheist-friendly.

    It starts out reasonably enough, but by the time he’s done you can almost see him waving that mic around and exhorting. It’s too late, and Im too sleepy to want to be exhorted, and it did seem a shame to to break into that prayer meeting he had going…

    We are, indeed, our own god, our conscience, our good and bad bits, all stemming from our own personal core. Society has it’s own morals, and we abide by them or pay the price–family has a different set of rules, as does your school, and your friends, your spouse, boss, and co workers. What you end up with is an amalgam of behaviors culled from society that may or may not be church based, but are certainly who you are. The church (no one is ever really clear on which church out of the hundreds of sects now swarming) claims the prize, but I they would anyway.

    And they choose to ignore the fact that non_christians have their own customs, rules, dietary habits, and laws. No one religion or sect owns god even though they claim to. And what arrogance to do so…

    I seriously think that if all the christian sects were gathered together they would beat each other to death trying to prove that they were hoiier than anyone else. Think, calico cat and the gingham dog.

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  3. migarium says:

    No matter what religion they have, most believers, why do they usually make judgement kind of the form of “this is certain information”; this is incredible, my Earthling friend.

    It’s actually very simple. While unbelievers like me have faith full in their unbeliefs, most believers have no full faith in their beliefs. If they are ok with their beliefs why they constantly use the words like in this post, “Any way you look at it, it is a sin,” or “those who claim to be atheists are often those who have experienced trauma in life”. Even if these are side by side with softened sentences, this is kind of aggression situation; I can see.

    If they are ok and peace with their beliefs with the ways of their holy books, it should be enough to live with their beliefs, without ever interfering in anyone. But they are constanly interfering to the people both believers and unbelievers.

    As far I know, the most important thing in all religions(it is written on the all holy books with different ways or directly), “the religion is between god and the person.” But they skipped this most important rule, and they built churches, synagogues, mosques. They called “guiding” this situation hypocritically. The god, never choosed any guide to the people for religions except prophets. So they started to interfere the believers beliefs. But this wasn’t enough, they contunied to interfere with unbelievers.

    For example you know my best friend on planet Earth, is my dog comrade WD. WD believes in the Bone God. When he finds a bone unexpectedly, he is barking by looking at sky and says to me, “I thank to the Bone God.” Also, I never interfered in his belief issues, as he never didn’t to me. We are cool with that, and he is ok with my unbelief. I highly recommend to most believers to get my comrade WD’s thinking way. 🙂

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  4. john zande says:

    Judy nailed it.

    There’s so much nonsence there that it’s hard to know where to start.

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  5. Steve Ruis says:

    The level of thinking is about second or third grade. Amazing.

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  6. Nan says:

    Typical Christian fare … flavorless and boring. You’d think after awhile they would try to come up with some new argument, but nooooo. It’s much easier to wash, rinse, repeat.

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    • persedeplume says:

      Some of the comments are mystifying too. I don’t know what flavor of church Pastor Randy teaches at,
      “Being our own god, wasn’t that the carrot that Satan put in front of Adam and Eve, if they ate, they would be a god.”
      Any protestant doctrinaire I know wouldn’t agree with that. If I remember correctly, the knowledge of good and evil was mentioned somewhere. AND according to the free willies it was all god’s plan to begin with. I can hear him now: *”I knew they were going to do that”.* They could choose to disobey and they did. Adam was wanting to know stuff I guess. 🙂


  7. eggiebear says:

    The issue is not ‘what’ they are doing but ‘why’ they are doing it!

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  8. persedeplume says:

    Permanent moderation seems to be a “thing” over @ Comeback Pastor’s blog, so I’m going to mirror my further comments here until I see what’s happening.

    @ComebackPastor and MyWorld:
    Why would I need an “authority” to hold a value set of morals? The only reason I could think of, is if I wanted the *responsibility* to be somewhere other than myself.
    That’s a little too close to “don’t blame me, I don’t make the rules” to my way of thinking. If there were absolute moral values, [objective rather than subjective] then they would be unchanging. We know from both observation and cultural history that values DO change over time, there are even examples of that in the bible. Morals are by definition subjective because they require the operation of the human mind and they have no independent agency.


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