Knock Knock.

You: Who’s there?
Me: Orange
You: Orange who?
Me: Orange who glad this post isn’t about Trump?

Meet Senator “Don’t Say Gay” Hensley From

He’s the infamous advocate for a “Don’t Say Gay” bill that would ban schools, administrators, and even students from discussing anything related to homosexuality. Senator Hensley, who has been a lawmaker for 15 years and happens to also be a medical doctor, took up the mantle of pushing the ugly legislation. He also pushed a Tennessee bill that would allow discrimination against LGBT people and atheists by mental health students, allowing them to refuse to treat people, as part of their required training, if they expressed a deeply held religious belief.
Senator Hensley is a mighty Christian warrior fighting against gay children in schools, and fighting against gay children and adults who want counseling. And now he’s even fighting to prevent same-sex couples from having children, by sponsoring legislation “from the Tennessee Family Action Council that would make children created using donor sperm illegitimate — an attempt to make it harder for gay and lesbian parents to establish paternity.”


Let’s all sigh christian faaaaamiilee vaaaaalues together now. Oh and “objective morality” and “ten commandments” too. What’s Joey been up to lately Monty? I’m sure he’s setting a good example for all us heathens to emulate, right? Right?

Not so much.

A doctor and his younger nurse fall in love. They continue their torrid affair even after his ex-wife tips off the nurse’s husband, a local politician, to the salacious goings-on. As the divorce moves forward, discovery turns up that the nurse is not just the doctor’s employee and his lover, but his patient, with a predilection for pain pills. And, oh, she’s his second cousin, too. Around the same time that spring, Gina Hensley took out an order of protection from the senator, alleging he hit her with his car, twice. He denied it, and she eventually withdrew the claim.


Why did I ever become an atheist? The good Senator’s living by the Republican Jesus creed of “Do unto others until you get caught, then deny wrongdoing, and eventually beg forgiveness.”
What a good gig if you can get it.

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6 Responses to Knock Knock.

  1. judyt54 says:

    Lol add it to the list of what the New World Order will look like. Ain’t we a swell example for the rest of the world, now. And what an embarrassment we are to ourselves.

    At the risk of seeming self-serving…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. john zande says:

    I’m actually surprised he wasn’t found to be doing lines of coke off the naked asses of thirteen year old Colombian boys.

    Liked by 2 people

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