Spinderella Gets Comfy At The Really White House

So TrumpleThinSkin was having a thing in the Oval Orifice, and Spinderella, aka Kelly Anne Conway was snapping pics on her phone. Business as usual. Except I notice both sides of the ideological divide are outraged, you’d NEVER guess who is more incensed. Fox News for one. Here’s what they’re all talking about:


Not “I grab women by their genitals” but “I put my feet on the couch at the WH”

Beats all I ever see.

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5 Responses to Spinderella Gets Comfy At The Really White House

  1. judyt54 says:

    kinda rude, I’d say. I think kelly ann needs some lessons in how to behave in public…

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  2. persedeplume says:

    My mother would humph and say “Born in the cellar and was never brought up”
    I wouldn’t dream of doing that in the WH but I wouldn’t get too wound up about it in my home. I would object to the shoes though. At least take them off.


  3. judyt54 says:

    It also depends on the circumstances, and I find that incredible. yes, take the shoes off. I suspect that sofa is probably worth what my car is, about now.

    Lol, my mother would have said, “what a mess” referring to the woman, as much as the behavior.

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