And In America’s Dumbest Voter news

Family of Syrians Deported From Philadelphia Supported Donald Trump:

Assali and her husband, Dr. Ghassan Assali, who has a dentistry practice and received his degree from New York University, are originally from Syria but have been living in the United States for more than 20 years. But early Saturday morning, after they landed at Philadelphia International Airport, Assali’s relatives were detained. They were then sent on an 18-hour flight back overseas.
The detainment and deportation occurred only hours after the president signed an executive order that immediately restricted travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries, temporarily halted the refugee program and indefinitely blocked refugees from Syria.
Syrian Family Denied Return to Pa. Files Suit
“Two security guards were waiting for them,” Assali said. “They took them. They said, ‘Are you Syrians?’ They said, ‘Yes.’ They said, ‘Come with us.'”

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6 Responses to And In America’s Dumbest Voter news

  1. judyt54 says:

    welcome to the whitebreading of America. I wonder how many people that actually voted for the Donald who are of middle eastern heritage? That also includes Armenians, Jews, Egyptians,
    Algerians, etc etc…if he can restrict one ethnicity of ‘suspicious’ origins, who is to stop him from purges, from widening the net to include anyone whose ancestry started in one of Those Countries…

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  2. Nan says:

    What I’ve been wondering about is who pays for the trip “back home”? I think they should send the bill to the Orange Monster.

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  3. judyt54 says:

    oh, but we pay.
    and pay and pay.


  4. john zande says:

    Honesty, there is no helping some people.

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  5. makagutu says:

    Maybe they didn’t think it would affect them


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