One of These Things is not Like the Other.

Mein Hair’s new edicts:

*Increase border patrol by 5000

*Identify criminal aliens

*Triple ICE enforcement agents

*Create victim’s advocacy office for victims of illegal alien crime.

*Federal hiring freeze on all gov’t jobs except the military.

Other troubling shit we might be paying close attention to:

Allow border patrol to patrol national land.
Empower ICE to enforce the laws.

Just what we need. More law enforcement with Federal confiscatory powers and no accountability to the public trust.

Your Papers please.

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3 Responses to One of These Things is not Like the Other.

  1. judyt54 says:

    whistling in the dark, perhaps, but ‘edict’ is not a law,as I understand it. It’s more of a wish list–and if the hostility toward the Donald in the streets is any indication, there might just be enough common sense left in Congress to reject, reject, reject.
    After all, they have a constituency to consider. Displease the president and he sulks. Displease the constituency too often and you don’t get re-elected.

    The President proposes, but Congress accepts or rejects.

    At least that’s how I understand it. In the same way that a President can’t declare war directly, Congress has to do that. With one notable and disastrous exception…

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    • persedeplume says:

      I take reports of voters disliking Trump with a grain of salt, nowdays. 🙂 I’ve been talking to people in my state, and I’m literally aghast at the number of them who think DuhDonald’s the best thing since sliced bread. PBS Frontline has a good program on how he got elected. I should have seen this coming.

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  2. judyt54 says:

    I think the most vocal are the people who voted otherwise. And in this family, the mister (who voted for) and I (who voted against) have an agreement to never discuss any of it.

    One thing he never was, was dull. People loved his rambling, incoherent NY taxi driver type speeches, I think they could relate to that. If you’ve ever seen man in the street interviews you realize just how like the ‘ordinary’ people he sounded He also managed to tell people exactly what they wanted to hear. All those years of politically correct language just went right out the damn window.

    Four years. only four years. I cling to that like a driftwood raft…

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