Advice for Democrats

Here’s an article every Democrat should read. Twice.
Below is a quote from it speaking the truth to power.

Purge the Clintonites
This brings me to the hardest yet most obvious thing the Democrats need to do as a party. Get rid of the Clintonites, every single one. From Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile, to the Clintons themselves, to their lobbyists, to their past and present staff, to absolutely anyone in their orbit, to every superdelegate who declared for Clinton before their state voted or against their state’s vote, they all need to be gone yesterday. And not just out of chair positions, they need to be purged from the party altogether. They completely failed you. They taint the party with the stain of corruption no matter how you try to stash them. The Clintons cannot be de facto party leaders acting as rulers in exile during this out of power stage, they need to be shunned.
Clintonites should be treated as radioactive. No golden parachute positions. Not quietly covered up. Outright and total exile. Any Democrat who so much as answers a phone call from someone like Schultz is contributing to the downfall of the Democratic Party and acting against America’s future.
They are power mad, greedy and corrupt in the extreme. Just look at how quickly they are making a power play for DNC chair while collecting corporate money and reusing the same failed campaign talking points. Given any quarter they would be an infection, which will take the party down with them. Use any means available to you. Fail on this measure and all other advice is pointless.
Worried that would leave the Party without enough people to run the show? There were nearly 60 million voters who pulled the Democrat lever on Tuesday, I’m sure you can find more than enough qualified replacements among them. Any random volunteer will do a better job on day one than the current leadership has this past election cycle. You really do have nothing left to lose.
If you still cling to the dubious notion that the Party must be run by those with political experience then merge with the Green Party. Hand them the reins outright. Their Progressive idealism with your organization would be unstoppable. As a bonus, they are already experienced at functioning without big donors, which is the next failing to address.
You have many options for running the Party without them, but retaining a single Clintonite is not an option.
Break the big donor habit
Going from hardest to easiest, next would be a return to fighting unlimited money in politics. It may sound like a contradiction to traditional political operations to stop the financing, but both Sanders and Trump have shown you that you do not need big donors if you actually serve your constituent’s interests.
The DNC actually embraced this stand against the Citizens United ruling until Clintonite Schultz reopened the floodgates to help raise money for Hillary while undermining Sanders’ platform. So big donors are part of the Clintonite infection. They completely undermine your platform in appearance and practice with their baggage tying you to each of their practices through accepting their money be it oil company fracking and pipelines, private prisons, or big banks.
Shut down the SuperPACs, show lobbyists the door, and return to relying upon small donors. You can manage on smaller budgets, and your integrity would get such a boon you could return to Sanders level support in no time.

Failure to do these things will guarantee GOP ascendancy for decades to come. I won’t live long enough to see it to the end, so I’ll say “I told you so” now.

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3 Responses to Advice for Democrats

  1. migarium says:

    The system is corrupt in almost everywhere on planet Earth. If the system could bring “Clintonites”, when the people get rid of the idea or what representative of “Clintonites”, the new Clintonites will come, this is an inevitable fact. Only the names will change. Maybe the name of new ones would be Flintstones, who knows:) This is what I see from another corner of the planet, my Earthling friend.

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  2. Nan says:

    Sounds like a plan! However, doubtful it will ever happen. Unfortunately, power (and money) rule in the political world. Actually … most everywhere. 😦

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