An American President

Circa 1995, a predictive model a la Andrew Sorkin
People have asked me to explain the Trump voter. This is as good an explanation as any.
It’s a good movie to watch too.

The President doesn’t answer to you,

Oh yes, he does, A.J. I’m a citizen,
this is my president, and in this
country it is not only permissible to
question our leaders, it is our
responsibility. But you already know
that, Mr. President, because you have
a deeper love of this country than
any man I’ve ever known, and I want
to know what it says to you that in
the past seven weeks 59 percent of
Americans have begun to question your

Look, if people want to listen to Bob

They don’t have a choice! Rob
Rumson’s the only one doing the
talking. People want leadership.
And in the absence of genuine
leadership, they will listen to
anyone who steps up to the
microphone. They want leadership,
Mr. President. They’re so thirsty
for it, they’ll crawl through the
desert toward a mirage, and when
they discover there’s no water,
they’ll drink the sand.

Lewis, we’ve had Presidents who were
beloved, who couldn’t find a coherent
sentence with two hands and a
flashlight. People don’t drink the
sand, ’cause they’re thirsty, Lewis.
They drink it ’cause they don’t know
the difference.

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6 Responses to An American President

  1. Steve Ruis says:

    One of my favorite movies … but I think you underestimate the Trump voters. Neither the GOP nor the Dems have done a damned thing for ordinary people in a long, long time. How could people vote against the status quo, then? By voting for someone who was clearly neither a Republican nor a Democrat.

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    • persedeplume says:

      No, after thinking over what you say, I don’t think I’m underestimating the Trump voter. Burn it all down isn’t a strategy.
      I’d like one Trump supporter to explain how he’s going to make government work for the ordinary citizen. I’d like them to explain how the most obviously corrupt candidate in US history is going to “end corruption” in Washington DC. I’d like them to explain how killing Obamacare is going to benefit people who can’t afford health insurance.
      I’ve yet to get an answer from them that makes sense. What I get instead is regurgitated Fox News Talking points.
      So, anyone? Take a run at it? Hows this going to work? I’m all ears.


  2. judyt54 says:

    it’ll work until those voters realize it isnt working. Saying “We will make America great again” is only gonna take him so far. Proclaiming “we will build a wall” says nothing but it sounds good. Saying,”I love you all” gets cheers, but still, he hasnt a clue.

    He is also a master at redirection. Call him a crook and he counters, and all heads swivel to the accuser. Aha, they think, he’s no better than Trump, look what he did to his wife…forgetting that Trump told them that, without a shred of evidence or proof. His flunkies, Im positive, set up that last minute drum roll about Hillary, and even though the guy responsible fessed up, the damage was done. If you only read the headlines and never get beyond the first paragraph, you think she’s about to be hauled off to jail.

    He’s got two months to work on policy. He’s got four years to work on Congress. Frankly, if someone doesnt shoot him, someone else will.

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