Pop Goes The Weasel

What’s the WORST that could happen? Democrats are about to find out. We have a GOP President with majorities in the Senate and House, and in the State Governorships. This is the worst case scenario. If progressive voters want change, they are going to have to get involved in their local politics beyond viewing it on the evening news or watch as all the social gains since FDR are lost. And they should not complain because they have themselves to thank for the situation we’re in.
I’m particularly thankful of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC for the fine job they’ve done this election cycle. Give yourselves a round of applause. /sarcasm font
The pundits still don’t get it. CNN chattering class spoke with the same contempt for Bernie Sanders as they did about Trump at the beginning of his campaign, when the polls were mentioned citing Sanders had double digit support over Trump in the Primaries. They refer to his supporters as “the insurrection” that needed to be “put down”.

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6 Responses to Pop Goes The Weasel

  1. judyt54 says:

    I dont call what CNN and Fox puts out as ‘news’. It’s opinion, innuendo, and mindless– and often ends in shouting matches. I only hear it, my husband watches it all faithfully and my computer is within shouting distance. Earplugs OUT.

    I suspect, strongly, that Hillary’s deathblow came at the hands of that ‘new disclosure” hoax entirely too close to the election deadline, and someday we will discover (and be so surprised) that the entire mess was given the nod by the Trump Team.

    The real surprise would have come if Hillary HAD. I suspect, though, her term would have been as frustrating and do-nothing as Obama’s was, since everything he tried to do as to reform was totally stonewalled by the republicans. Granted, Hillary has had a long history in dealing with congress, but still…

    And tell yourself two things. Repeat them often. 1:)At least Sarah P. isn’t the VP. and, 2:) It’s only four years.

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