What’s the Deal With Eyebrows?

One of the things men have to look forward to is hair growing like kudzu in unusual spots. selection_473
The more inappropriate the place, the faster and thicker it will grow. This morning I discovered an unruly pilgrim on my shoulder long and thick enough to use as an anchor rope of a three masted schooner. I could swear it wasn’t there yesterday. Most folks don’t think too much about gents with “unruly” eyebrows. We’ve all seen them. Even some leading men in Hollywood sport the occasional hedge~ a little “beetling” of the brow.
selection_474 There’s Ernest Borgnine, and who can forget Andy Rooney? selection_475 selection_476

So ladies? What’s the deal with YOUR eyebrows?

selection_477 selection_478 selection_479




Brought to you by tweezing and painting vigorously

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4 Responses to What’s the Deal With Eyebrows?

  1. judyt54 says:

    When I was a kid growing up in this town, there was a postmaster who had the most amazing and enthusiastic eyebrows I have EVER seen. Im sure his wife used to chase him around the house with gardening shears, begging him to at least let her get the foliage trimmed a bit…
    he wore glasses and most times his view of the world must have been like looking through a privet hedge.
    My husband is in his early 70s and has begun to sport a fair approximation of this, but not nearly as luxurious. I tell him, a few more years, and you will be sporting Tank Blanchard eyebrows. He gets it, immediately. and trims.

    Women have always done things to their eyebrows, ears, noses, mouths, skin; no idea why. Even in paintings of QE I, she is shown as having no eyebrows whatsoever. That may have been by genetics, or style. They also wore arsenic makeup to get that ‘living dead” look so popular back then. Who knows.

    er. Is that EAR HAIR in that top photo?

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  2. NeuroNotes says:

    Lol. Interesting that as men age, their eyebrows get thicker, and women’s eyebrows thin out. That first picture nearly caused an electrical fire from spitting out my coffee.

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