Donald and Hillary – I’ve Had The Time of My Life

I’ll just leave this here~


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21 Responses to Donald and Hillary – I’ve Had The Time of My Life

  1. judyt54 says:

    oh this is precious. it will however color Dancing Dirty for the rest of MY life…lol.

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  2. judyt54 says:

    or er Dirty Dancing. see what youve done to me.


  3. judyt54 says:

    lol Its okay. I’ll hunt up the real segment and do a deep cleanse. Considering everything this is wonderfully done. I suspect it will go viral very fast and then disappear into the bowels of YouTube after the election.
    We really need lives, have you ever considered that ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. judyt54 says:

    it would appear that vox disliked any of our comments, and has deleted all but the one that agreed with him. interesting. “vox populi” indeed.

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    • persedeplume says:

      Well, well. That’s interesting indeed. Whenever they do that they’re admitting they have no good response to what you’re saying. Wear it proudly dear. Skeptic cred.

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      • judyt54 says:

        Im always a bit wary of moderated forums, most of the time there’s no problem, but when moderated should be spelled ‘censored at will”, then…shoot, even mine is moderated, but only to keep the russian brides and spammers out. everyone else gets equal time.
        And I think that topic had a short shelf life anyway. After you’ve said oh gee imagine that there’s nowhere to go unless someone wants to take on the WHO blow for blow…

        And thanks.

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  5. judyt54 says:

    well the rest of us do so there. Id say count yourself lucky then.

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    • persedeplume says:

      Thanks! Sweet of you to say so. I’ve got another candidate for unfollowing in the wings. I just left a comment in moderation over @ “The Life Project”. There’s a certain amount of “gaming the system” in social media and WP is no exception. It’s *really bad on twitter and I’m noticing a pattern here. You get the random like or follow, because it fosters a feeling of reciprocation and you follow back. Then you discover they’re just “building followers” because they ignore your content, won’t let you comment on theirs, and/or they unfollow you after a period of time. It’s annoying. I can track them on twitter because there’s apps made specifically for that. I guess I’ll have to reconnoiter if there’s one for WP.


  6. marliesvonn says:

    LOL! I could watch “Bad Lip Reading” all day long. I am particularly amused as well when they have really, really poor closed captioning (you can tell it’s likely computer generated). That can be almost as hilarious. Also, I could listen to the two of you chat all day long as well! That was some interesting stuff as I’m still getting to learn how to appropriately use Twitter, WP was a nightmare to learn, and I had to ask my sister how to use instagram a few days back. I want to come off as someone who sort of knows what she’s doing. Or maybe that will never happen. We’ll see. Maybe I can ask you guys the odd question from time to time.

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  7. judyt54 says:

    marlies, Im about two layers below you in comprehension of WP. I keep thinking I’d like to have a blog here, but can just get so far when the room begins to get very very dark and i think, Oh fudge, I made another wrong turn.
    Never been to twitter, for some reason I have an account at FB, not even sure what or why Instagram is, and I refuse to post anything using the word tweet.
    Ask away. if I don’t know the answer I’ll make something up.

    Now I have to see what The Life Project is about. It’s obvious persedeplume gets out way more than we do. =)

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    • persedeplume says:

      Don actually approved my comment! I was surprised, to say the least.
      I call WP “worst press” in the privacy of my living room. I had given up in frustration when Carmen resurrected me from the blogging dead. Change is a constant, and it’s rarely for the better. It doesn’t hold a candle to the challenges I’ve had in crossing over to comment on your blog. I recently put in a 40 hr week one afternoon fiddling with all the “options” I had to sign in, most of them ended in a pop up menu that disappeared before I could read it. And of course, no comment. Sigh. It’d be quicker and easier to mail you a post card. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  8. judyt54 says:

    i also have email. it does work.

    If you just wander in and click on the heading in the topic, or try ‘bloglovin’ up in the upper right corner…of drop down to the ‘leave a comment’ section…you might be able to answer as anonymous. Or they will shoot you.
    I think that WP and Blogger resist allowing ‘their” people to visit other sites. Here’s a thought. If you were to set up a dummy blog over there with a name and title, you don’t have to do anything to it, but you would then be a member of Google and/or Blogger and they might let you in.

    that’s funny, though. I used to be a moderator on a message board (back when message boards were the thing to do), and I suddenly realized that I was not seeing, necessarily, what the members saw. So I made myself a dummy player, and then I could enter and easily see what the other people saw, from their eyes as posters. It was enlightening.

    I may try that with Blogger and see what you might be seeing.

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  9. judyt54 says:

    damn Im better at suggesting than I thought. It worked, oh snoopy dance of joy it worked.

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  10. judyt54 says:

    This is why I stay away from Other Blogs, even though I’d love to have one here. I think the brain cells at this point could simply not handle two opposing sites. Im just delighted you made it after all that effort.

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