I Don’t “Hate” Hillary. I’m Just Not Going to Vote For Her

The manufacturing consent people are wringing their hands and wearing the sack cloth and ashes over Bernie holdouts. Liberals *must* vote Clinton to save the Universe from the dreaded scourge of the Orange Grudge, Mein Hair, the most royal DuhDonald Trump.

Sorry. Not.Gonna.Doit.

“But the Supreme Court”, they bleat.

If Democrats were truly concerned, namely the President, he’d be holding a press conference a day about it. He’d be working the Congress. Major shit would be disturbed.


What Obama IS doing, is trying to get the new worst trade agreement [TPP] ratified. Now THAT’s some important shit. Future money depends on it. Obama’s that is. The rest of us are on our own. They would have you believe that Hillary will manage enough consensus in the Senate and House to get multiple LIBERAL nominees approved for the SCOTUS, while out of the other side of their mouth they’ll tell you solemnly that no progressive reforms will be possible during a Clinton Presidency. Those pesky GOP’s ya know.

They’re full of shit. They know it and I know it. What remains is to piss on my neck on social media and tell me it’s raining.

They’ll tell you reform must “wait” until the conditions are “just right”. None of us are going to live that long if the current politicians have their way about it. Those that buy this horseshit are deluding themselves. The two party system is a means of stifling choice. It’s a way of maintaining power and a corrupt system of politics with no accountability to the people. My voting for Clinton would be tacit support for business as usual.

Waiting isn’t an option.

Oh, and ignoring the facts surrounding the torpedoing of the only candidate who could beat Trump by double digits wasn’t terribly bright. But it did preserve the Party strangle hold on the electorate. Good job.

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11 Responses to I Don’t “Hate” Hillary. I’m Just Not Going to Vote For Her

  1. judyt54 says:

    It gets stranger and stranger. Hillary (whom I dislike for several reasons) comported herself admirably in the first debate, rising above The Donald and making him look like a podgy sulky child. Not hard to do, btw. I am seriously leaning toward her, if only for her obvious abilities as a public speaker and her ability to think in full sentences.
    Im just afraid that The Donald is going to address potentially hostile or at least edgy foreign emissaries with one of his rambling dissertations and far from being awed by his ability to speak off the cuff the emissary, once the language has been translated, will quietly pack up his/her briefcase and leave for good.

    I have also been informed (by he who shall remain nameless) that Trump walks on water, and if I vote for anyone else I will be ‘wasting my vote’. He also tells me that we will be cancelling each other out. Oh GOOD.

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    • persedeplume says:

      I have no doubt that Hillary will acquit herself as an accomplished statesman. I don’t think she’s ignorant or incompetent. I also think she’ll be elected, although not by a huge popular vote. The electoral college will carry the day for her, I’m sure.
      Donald is largely ignorant of everything around him except what he imagines is good for his bottom line. Him being elected would be horrible, but not the end of the world as we know it. If they can impeach a president for a blowjob, I’m sure if he got too far out of line, the establishment GOP/DEMS would show him where the exit is.
      I had to laugh about the cancelling thing. I suspect there’ll be a lot of that going on nationwide. Women usually have good sense about things. đŸ™‚

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  2. judyt54 says:

    What scares me about the Donald is his ability to convince people who should know better that he’s making sense. Someone pointed out that he never really SAYS anything but he does say a lot of it, by repetition, cross talking, and changing course in mid thought.
    He reminds me of a bird dog tracking birds by scent, runs this way for a while, doubles back, takes off in another direction, comes all the way back to his handler and starts over again, barks a few times to let you know he’s still out there, and then gallops back with a stick his mouth but runs away before you have a chance to grab it. You think he’s doing bird dog stuff, all he’s doing is killing time and showing us how good he is at nothing. Not a man I would want for president.

    Ill just be so damned relieved when the canned poll takers stop calling, and we can sink back into anonymity. Ive taken to telling them we dont live here. By the time they process that I’ve hung up.


    • persedeplume says:

      If we had the press we had during Cronkite’s day, Trumps campaign would been exposed early and often to the antibiotic of truth and daylight. He’d have lasted two months, tops.
      I have no rational explanation for seemingly intelligent people supporting Trump. I’ve asked some people but I’ve yet to get a plausible explanation.
      I’ll be glad when it’s all over myself. This has been one of the worst election cycles in my lifetime.


  3. migarium says:

    Hillary seems that she has unpredictable behaviors and some secret ideas. Trumph seems that he is what he is. Both of them worse for entire world. But I think Hillary will be winner, because the propaganda style of this election shows that time is a female candidate and president time for US. And the question in my mind, my Earthling friend: “If any different candidate except these two had been, he/she would have been a chance into this world order?”

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    • persedeplume says:

      Only in America….would two misfits be so successful

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      • migarium says:

        In every place it is the same, my Earthling friend. This corrupt system/order serves to the elites and their aims. We all live in a matrix on this planet!

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      • judyt54 says:

        It would seem that People Who Matter are beginning to pull back from The Donald. Not surprisingly, after last night’s debacle–err, debate in which he made himself look worse than anyone could have hoped, and Hillary, bless her, just played mom to his whiney faced comments.

        I only listened to a bit of it, Im not a huge fan of debates, caucuses or other forms of political stuff, but the aftermath was fascinating. I still dont like Hillary, but I dislike Trump more. I will refrain from saying anything about Hillary trumping Trump. But I want to.

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  4. judyt54 says:

    creepy doesnt even come close. what is even more disturbing (although “leering” doesn’t fit here) this reminds me strongly of my father,(who was a serious bipolar) the facial expressions just screaming displeasure, the barely concealed anger, the not yet erupted volcano. Makes my skin twitch. He also had no reason/right to be roaming about as if he owned the joint, getting himself in every camera shot.
    I think, from what I did hear and read today, Hillary comported herself as an adult, but you know damn well she had a corset on the anger. If that had been me I’d have collapsed afterwards with strong drink and sobbing…
    At the end of the third debate I’d love to see her march over and whack him one right across the face.

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