Would You Own/Use a Car You Couldn’t Control?

How will autonomous vehicles change our lives in the future?  Beyond the legal ramifications, the financial changes could be huge. Imagine no more car or insurance payment. That’ll free up some dosh in most folks budgets. The trade offs will be loss of individuality, the personal expression of driving a unique vehicle suited to your personality will be gone or at least reduced. Privacy would also be virtually nonexistent. Your destinations all available at the touch of a button.  The banking and lending institutions will have to find newer, more creative ways to rob the citizens. Mega companies like Google and Amazon might soon have a monopoly on transportation. Much like the Medical Industry and the Cable/Satellite cabals of evil, a captive market can be charged anything at the whim of the company. Customer service would be shoddy at best.

One of the hallmarks of the American spirit is the commitment to personal independence, pioneering spirit. Will we settle quietly for those losses? Will the new anachronisms be people holding onto their gas guzzling SUVs?

Wired has an interesting article exploring some of these issues. The talk about changes in how the police conduct traffic stops.


I think they’re wrong, wrong, wrong. If anything it’ll be easier. Police cars will be equipped with kill switches and that will eliminate OJ type vehicle chases, but there’s no reason to believe the authorities won’t continue to use Terry Stops to harass, search, and arrest passengers. I suppose the other financial benefit to the citizen would be not suffering the involuntary seizure of their vehicle, as it would be owned by a 3rd party, but anything you have with you in the car would still be eligible for forfeit under the law.

It’s food for thought. Optimists will see the good in it, pessimists will probably retreat to a milita camp in Idaho somewhere.

What do you think?

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2 Responses to Would You Own/Use a Car You Couldn’t Control?

  1. judyt54 says:

    I think the entire scenario is terrifying. People love their cars because they have the power over them to go where they want, foot to the floor, or cruising in the fast lane at 50 mph. I simply do not see this as viable, not without major overhauling of every driving law in the country.
    What happens if someone who does NOT have a car driven car plows into you, who does own one? Who determines how fast these cars are allowed to go? Can you override this stuff?
    A creature ambles into your driving path, can you actually stop in time? swerve? speed up?

    Driver’s licenses would be passe, since anyone who could turn the key could drive, including your nine year old kid. Running away from home takes on a whole nother aspect, then. ‘Officer, the last thing I saw was little Billy heading down the street at full throttle, and he turned West. That’s the last I saw of him…”

    Two autodriven cars get in an accident. Who’s guilty, the Ford or the Honda?

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