Ugh! 3 Minutes Into the POTUS Debate and Already I Cant’ Stand it.

Somebody shoot me now……

Trump’s strategy is to interrupt, talk over, and fling the poo.

Clinton’s cool as a cucumber. Dammit.

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10 Responses to Ugh! 3 Minutes Into the POTUS Debate and Already I Cant’ Stand it.

  1. judyt54 says:

    I have earplugs in. My husband is glued to the computer, watching. the world will not spin slower or faster if i dont listen. I must admit to a certain grudging fascination with Hillary that i do not have for Trump. Neither one of them is my candidate of choice, but there’s not much else out there.

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  2. KIA says:

    I could only stand about 2 mins. Had to shut off.

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  3. persedeplume says:

    “A friend of mine gave me a Philip Glass record. I listened to it for five hours before I realized it had a scratch on it.” – Emo Phillips

    Gonna put my scratchy Glass on and find something for my nerve…..

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    • judyt54 says:

      By the end of today all the so-called news analysts (and oh how I long for the days of Cronkite and Jennings) will have picked off whatever meat is on those bones and we will be treated to what passes for deep analysis (usually two women screaming at each other), and we can once more put our brains on hold while they speculate and presume.


  4. judyt54 says:

    (isnt that bizarre. My last post is showing as having turned up at 10:53 am. Here it’s only 6:50 am. )


  5. Carmen says:

    It’s been entertaining reading through my Noseybook feed this a.m. – oh, my. I’m glad I didn’t watch it (and I’m Canadian!); it would have just made me angry and upset.

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  6. judyt54 says:

    I was strangely relieved to see the analysis of it at the end. and not even surprised when they declared Hillary the winnah; immediately Trump began throwing out his shock and dismay at being cheated and dissed and interrupted. As much as I dislike Hillary, I dislike her right now a lot less than I did, and a LOT less than Trump.
    He’s showing himself to have the temper and mentality of a 12 yr. old in a school yard fight, and losing less than graciously.

    snrk snrk snrk.


    • persedeplume says:

      A lot of progressives are moving over to support her because trump is so odious. I will not because of what the DNC did to Bernie in the primary. When someone steals your car they can’t expect to ask you for gas money.


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