If I Were A Con Man I’d Start a Religion

Paula White [5 mil]*selection_447

selection_448Joyce Meyer [8 mil]*


Creflo Dollar [27 mil]* selection_449

selection_450Eddie “I Like Boys” Long [5 mil]*

Kenneth Copeland [760 mil]*selection_451

selection_453Benny Hinn [42 mil] *

Pat Robertson [100 mil] selection_452

selection_455Joel Osteen [40 mil]

“Deepity” Deepak Chopra [80 mil]selection_456

selection_457The Vatican [10-15 billion]





These are estimates of personal worth only, not real estate holdings, or planes, trains, and automobiles. This also doesn’t count the money siphoned off by friends, relatives, and the odd assortment of stooges and useful idiots.

*have all been investigated by a Senate Panel for allegations of mis-use of their tax exempt status.

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10 Responses to If I Were A Con Man I’d Start a Religion

  1. Carmen says:

    Lucrative business opportunity, alright!
    You know, when I first started questioning religion, someone on a blog said, “I won’t be happy until the last minister has to get a real job”. I thought it was harsh.

    I now understand exactly what he meant.

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  2. judyt54 says:

    And let us not forget the Crystal Cathdral, Jim and Tammy Faye (she of the weepy face) Bakker, and Oral Roberts who always fascinated me as a child, and scared me as well…granted they probably lost more than they gained, but still…
    oh, and L. Ron Hubbard and his band of merry men–one of the biggest and most successful cons going–

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  3. migarium says:

    Haha! This piece is great! It made me laugh, thank you my Earthling friend:)

    All bets on Vatican!

    And may I remind, you forgot the Saudi family; they made money 16,5 billion dolars over the people who made pilgrimage of Kaaba in only one year.

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