How Close Are We To The Next Step in Trans Humanism?

I’m in the occasional habit of watching “The Atheist Experience” on YouTube Sundays, depending on who the host is.  One of the callers broached the subject of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, and tried to make it an argument from inference for the existence of a deistic type god. His appropriation of Arthur C Clarke’s 3rd Law;  “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” being the springboard for the idea that finding an advanced form of life would be like discovering god.  In fact, finding life anywhere other than on Earth will be the final nail in the coffin of Judaic Monotheism. We may even achieve this my making advances in Transhumanism before we are able to master travel outside the solar system.

What do I consider Transhumanism to be?


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Medical modifications that permanently alter or replace a function of the human body that become routine and commonplace.  As a result, aging loses the “virtue of necessity”. The possible symbiosis of the mechanical and biologic will open up new areas of exploration, in both inner and outer space.


Prosthetics are becoming more sophisticated.  We are seeing amazing advances in linking control of these devices directly into the human nervous system. There are limb replacements, cochlear, optic implants, and artificial organs.


The ability to produce offspring independent of the body will solve the ethical dilemma we now face with abortion, bodily autonomy, and consent issues.


Enhancement of cognitive function either genetically or in symbiosis with an artificial method.

How soon do you think we’ll crack this next frontier in evolution? Will it end religion when we do?


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2 Responses to How Close Are We To The Next Step in Trans Humanism?

  1. judyt54 says:

    Surely, surely, you must realize that even if scientists discover life on another planet, even if we discover the seekrit to eternal life or youth, all of Christianity will rise up, shout hallelujah, and take the credit. “God told those scientists where to look.” “God moved them.” “Prayer is a wonderful thing, isnt it.” and on the other side, “this smacks of satanism. God would never do such an awful thing, our lifespan, yadda yaddada…”

    Beyond that, I have trouble calling this evolution. Breakthroughs in science, yes. But evolution is from the inside out and takes a bajillion years and mistakes before we get something that doesn’t kill us first. Call it, maybe, adaptive behavior, in the way that the giraffes that survived were taller than their predecessors.

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    • persedeplume says:

      I dunno. You may have a point there. It certainly would be change due to direct intervention rather than responding to environmental pressures for survival. More agile minds than mine will sort that out.
      I agree the godbothering won’t go quietly into the night… sigh.
      We could end dualism now, and perhaps someone already quietly has in a hidden lab somewhere. Human cloning. Let christians explain how a clone gets a soul.

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