Atheists are Rude and Arrogant

Any atheist who uses social media will recognize this common complaint from religionists. I see it all the time. Sometimes it’s an accusation with merit. There are times when I start by mocking a particular meme,  usually when the meme is intended to be deliberately provocative to begin with.  More often than not, though I’d prefer to have a civil exchange with someone.  I don’t maintain any illusions that what I say will change their mind, but I do hope that the “quiet readers” who are struggling with doubts about their beliefs will find my opinions helpful in some way.

For the christians, here’s some helpful hints from the other side of the coin.  A few will find this useful, but they are far outnumbered by the ones who couldn’t care less what an atheist’s perception of them is.

Being convinced of the authority of your beliefs isn’t a reason to say horrid things then try and excuse them by saying “I’m not saying this, god is”. Being kind and empathetic is always the right thing to do whether you’re a believer or not.

My asking you questions about your assertions and how you determined what you believe is true, isn’t an attack on your beliefs.  I’m trying to understand your reasoning.  If you expect me to change my mind about something as important as you claim it is, then be reasonable enough to listen to my questions and answer them honestly.

If you try and snow me with some BS, don’t pretend to be offended when I call you on it. I will point it out. If it’s in a public forum you might find it embarrassing. The best practice? The way to justified truth is using the truth.

Please stop imposing your dogma on everyone around you. Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean I’m going to stop eating ice cream.  That’s not the way the world works.  If it were not for the incessant proselytizing, the subject of my atheism would never come up.


What are some of your personal pet peeves when dealing with someone who you disagree with?




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17 Responses to Atheists are Rude and Arrogant

  1. carmen says:

    ah, yes. The ‘angry atheist’ trope. It’s been my observation that most non-believers start out (and I’ve been reading quite a few for three years) being diplomatic and honestly trying to reason with believers. I have found, however, that even the fairest, most polite of them ends up being completely frustrated, dealing with the hubris of the believer(s). Frustration generally translates to negativity.
    Don’t know if you’re familiar with Greta Christina, but she’s done an excellent video addressing this topic:

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  2. persedeplume says:

    I hadn’t seen this particular video, but I did read her book, “Why are You atheists so angry? 99 things that piss off the godless”


    • carmen says:

      She probably did the talk based on her book. She’s brilliant! 🙂


      • persedeplume says:

        She touches on many good points that I didn’t in the post. Atheists *have* reason to be angry, and christians shouldn’t really be alarmed unless we start treating them like they treated us while in the minority. Family can be the worst about religion.
        This is one of my favorite videos addressing it:

        People talking past each other….

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  3. KIA says:

    Great post. They fear. Christians are so afraid they rather push you away if they cannot silence you

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  4. carmen says:

    That was an excellent video. Yes, indeed – I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that there is nothing more to talk about with religious fundamentalists. The sad (actually heartbreaking) reality is that there are non-believers shunned from their families simply because they can’t believe the unbelievable. That’s just bizarre. I read something on Sirius’ site the other day (which I now cannot find) that suggested that, at the end of the day, life still trudges on despite people’s perceptions. If only religious people would realize that theirs is JUST that – a perception.

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  5. judyt54 says:

    The other day, somewhere, I mentioned fear as a subset of Christianity. If you knew, or believed, that your every word, gesture, and thought, was being monitored not only by the rest of your church friends, but by the minister, AND by god and all his minions, wouldnt you walk scared most of the time?
    If you believed that Heaven was only for the worthy and you had been told from birth that you were not worthy (and so many prayers reflect that), that means when you die, unless you die aces up, you go straight to hell.

    If you believed that the only thing between you and salvation was prayer, yours and everyone else’s, you would be spending a LOT of time asking people to pray for you, and doing the same for them.

    And here come a bunch of apparently happy, contented atheists, no god, no fear, no hell fire nipping at their heels, sorta like the kids in school who got As and Bs without trying very hard but never got detention, here they come, messing with your heads, your beliefs.

    Wouldnt you be angry? No fairsies, they growl. They tend to clump together to talk about us. The tone is scorn. The undercurrent is something else. Jealousy, maybe. oops, another sin.
    And it’s Our Fault, this time.

    There is a kind of desperation in all that praying, in all that agonizing, all that forgiving and hymning…maybe if we pray harder. maybe he’ll hear us then…

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    • persedeplume says:

      This is an aside from your comment. I finally figured out how to follow your blog. [I hope] Commenting seems to be a whole other thing. I hope to master it eventually. I appreciate your forbearance and your support here at my blog.

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  6. judyt54 says:

    lol and I thought word press was tricky. commenting over there is moderated, to forestall trolls and spammers. Commenting is fairly straightforward, I just get to see it first to make sure you arent in Troll Mode. =)
    I enjoy this blog, and the people in it. And thank you.


  7. Arkenaten says:

    I just find they refuse to accept that me calling them a Dickhead is not personal but simply a reflection on their willful ignorance and intransigent nature.
    It makes me …. and Jesus … so sad, it really does.

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    • persedeplume says:

      ” a reflection on their willful ignorance and intransigent nature.”

      That’s what it takes to keep the common sense out of their head….


      • Arkenaten says:

        If you read the comment by a chap named unklee on my blog or Nate Owens you will see this highlighted to a T.

        It is maddening.


        • persedeplume says:

          I read part of that thread from Nate’s post earlier this morning. At least unklee is “polite” for the most part about his nonsense. Some of them are just obnoxious.
          I started to follow Nate until I saw he’s outside the WP network. Ugh. Crawling over the barriers to comment is a pain in the ass.


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