Who Blagged the Bookies?

And now for something completely different.  I’ve added a category, “Name That Movie”.  I’ll include hints throughout the post containing components of the movie. It could be anything from music from the soundtrack, snippets of dialog, something related to one of the actors, and so forth. Today’s will be “on the nose” to show how it will be done, subsequent ones will get more difficult to guess.  In the comments, if you think you know the answer, don’t say the movie title, but add a clue of your own. If no-one guesses correctly, I’ll leave the answer in an update.  The winners will have my undying gratitude for playing along. [On your honor! No googling]  Without further ado~


“A mother with a dog named Woof called the vet saying her dog had eaten a rubber duck. For months, the mother would notice her 3-year-old son’s rubber ducks kept going missing.  She would eventually buy him another one.

One day, while she was giving her son a bath, the family pup came in and ate the boy’s rubber duck! The mother brought the dog to the vet where the doctor found 5 rubber duckies!  The vet surgically removed the rubber ducks, along with a toy truck and a piece of another toy, and the now duck-free pup made a full recovery.”



Imaging hauling this around with your mini-van.


“You never know where you’re going to find an atheist”.


Bare Knuckle Boxing Champions of the 19th Century

There you go! Good luck. <<not a clue

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5 Responses to Who Blagged the Bookies?

  1. carmen says:

    Oh, dear. I rarely watch movies (we’re not even TV people) so I’m out completely.

    I must confess, however, to the devilish desire to throw in a ‘clue’ that had nothing to do with the movie. . .cackle, cackle. ..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. persedeplume says:

    Here’s the edited segment titled “who blagged the bookies” from the ever popular movie “Snatch” with a stellar ensemble cast including Brad Pitt.


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