Dear Christians



Sophist and "best selling" author and entertainer, Eric Metaxas.

Sophist and “best selling” author and entertainer, Eric Metaxas.

There’s this >news article< and >video <circulating social media by apologists that supposedly ends atheism for good and all.  There’s only a couple things wrong with that assumption.  It doesn’t.  Even if it did, religion would still face the yet unsolved and knotty issue of whose god is the real one, who’s doing it just right and who isn’t. Worse yet, >christians< > don’t agree< either.   >Nor does noted scientist and atheist, theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss. <

Selection_019Oh dear.

All that aside for the moment. Let’s consider for a moment that you have slain the mighty dragon of atheism with this ridiculous sophistry of Metaxas. Now what? Have you demonstrated god exists and is manifested in the natural world? No. Well, what have you done? What wondrous thing have you accomplished by silencing atheism? You’ve quieted dissent. For the moment.


Why do you suppose people whistle past the graveyard at night? It’s a fear mechanism. We both know it does nothing in reality. Your doubt and fear are your greatest enemy. Grow up. Stop whistling at atheism. You could end it honestly by demonstrating god exists. Why not try and lead with that for a change?

I have yet to see that happen.  Could it be they can’t?  Hmm.

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2 Responses to Dear Christians

  1. Kaleidocyte says:

    Old arguments dressed in new clothing.

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  2. Think Always says:

    I watched the video. Such poor logic.

    To quote Einstein: “I believe in Spinoza’s God, who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fates and actions of human beings.” I think this is the farthest one could go with this line of argument. As you pointed out: which God? Seems like only a deistic argument can be supported.

    And there are other problems here. First, it conflates naturalism with atheism. Atheism is simply not believing in theism. Apologists seem intent on attacking naturalism, yet forget that an atheist doesn’t have to rule out the possibility of some intelligent being having been involved in the process or some supernatural force. Being an atheist simply means we do not buy any of the explanations given by religion. Most atheists are naturalists, but I personally am not so worried about whether we have explanations or not. My concern is whether any of the hypotheses presented are plausible. The theistic ones are not at all. The naturalistic ones, I don’t really know enough of science to say. But I believe naturalism is a better bet than theism given the fact that 93% of scientists do not believe in God. And, as Einstein said, I don’t see any concerned, benevolent Creator at work here on earth.

    Also, as the late physicist Richard Feynman once said, “I am not afraid of not knowing.” I don’t get WHY if any benevolent Creator existed, he would be worried about us accepting such an uncredible hypothesis.

    What always astounds me is how one can make the leap from naturalistic skepticism to ‘biblical Christianity is true!’ with no argument as to why this hypothesis is superior to any naturalistic one. I mean, if we ended up with empirical evidence of God one day or a supernatural being, than he would actually end up as a part of naturalism. Naturalism is always evolving, being based around empirical evidence as opposed to a static narrative found in an ancient document.

    End rambling. lol

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