Adventures In Pop Culture

I rarely do any posts on pop culture because at my age, it’s almost pointless to try and stay relevant in an area where the subject matter changes hourly 24/7.  Plus, I’m comfortable liking the stuff I like from the stone age, and I don’t really care where that fits into the social oeuvre.   Today was a curiosity left the cat with 8 lives day, so I surfed on over to YouTube on the WWW thingy.  All the usual suspects were there, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and many more I couldn’t identify if my life depended on it.  I found this video by Meghan Trainor.  As it turns out, she’s a big deal on the pop chart with this song which I found mildly likeable, but not Bo Diddley by any stretch of the imagination. Just as I was about to “click out” I noticed this gentleman [who I had to search the google for] dancing up a storm.  He has more moves than ex-lax, people. I could watch him for days.



Sione Kelepi

Sione Kelepi

He’s huge on Vine, [whatever that is] and can be found on the twitter here. Here’s a sample from the “behind the scenes” featuring Sione.

Just fabulous!

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