NSFW! Minister talks about Genitalia.

All right, anyone with a sensitivity to sex and sexual stuff, should probably skip this post, unless you like being offended in which case you may have come to the right spot.

So there’s a gaggle of tv/cable/podcast religious shows available on the internet. Evidently they’ll discuss anything. The woman on the left is the host, interviewing a pastor and this is her face when she finds out “the dick is good”.
She doesn’t look convinced. She says “Now you telling me this woman slapped a man because the dick was good?” To which the minister replies “The dick will make you slap somebody”.
I’m going to leave this here and let you be the judge.
Ah! Safety first. Don’t be letting no dick make you slap somebody.

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Jesus and Mary On a Cheese Sandwich

Just as an aside before the main really really big sheewww [Ed Sullivan voice] don’t ever put a permalink on a blog post. It is, as the name implies a PERMA link.

The world is in the midst of an epileptic fit right now, and I thought to post something a little athy and a little humorous.  Now I realize it’s a VIDEO, and it’s Micheal Shermer for those who feel about him like I feel about Peter Boghossian, but close your eyes and visualize Brad Pitt or whomever your “dreamy” is for about 14 minutes.

There’s two good songs in the video that don’t get enough play so here they are for your enjoyment.



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‘Murica! They’ll Let You Keep Your Guns While they Rob You of Your Civil Liberties

Another senseless tragedy plays out in Las Vegas Nevada. To put this event in some perspective, 54 Americans were killed & 425 were wounded during the main phase of 2nd Fallujah, Nov 2004, the biggest battle of our Iraq War. Let that sink in for a second.
Every time there has been a mass shooting in the US, the response hasn’t been the obvious one. Gun control? That’s un-American! Instead we have steady erosions of civil liberties.

Since 9/11:

The Government has suspended the Constitutional prohibition of unlawful search and seizure. They no longer have to articulate any reasonable suspicion a crime has been committed, they just stop you and demand your papers. This happens nearly everywhere now. At the Airport? TSA. On the highway? Every Barney Fife wannabe from Customs and Border Patrol, DEA, State and local PD, the list is endless. If you have money, they’ll confiscate it. Property? Seized.

And this info’s out of date. The numbers are exponentially larger now. If you cross any international border, you must surrender passwords for your phone, social media. Employers are now demanding access to your social media. The populace goes along, because the Government tells you “it’s for your safety”. No, it’s for the benefit of the carceral State and its attendant profits. It’s about knowing who you are, where you’re at, and what you’re doing at any given moment. Patrick Henry would be proud. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel “safe”. But you white folks keep your guns, that’s the important thing. Don’t leave home without them. Also, be sure and bring your papers for the checkpoint.

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Inside the Mind, in a Sciencee, Music-ee Kinda Way

We should probably have a palate cleanser from the political today. On that note, there’s some recent buzz in the media about a recent study that claims to be able to identify psychopaths by their taste in music.
From the article:

In a study of 200 people who listened to 260 songs, those with the highest psychopath scores were among the greatest fans of the Blackstreet number one hit No Diggity, with Eminem’s Lose Yourself rated highly too.

The New York University team behind the work stress that the results are preliminary and unpublished, but the scientists are sufficiently intrigued to launch a major study in which thousands of people across the psychopathy spectrum will be quizzed on their musical tastes.

Tests on a second group of volunteers suggest the songs could help to predict the disorder. Whatever their other personality traits might be, fans of The Knack’s My Sharona and Sia’s Titanium were among the least psychopathic, the study found.

The researchers have a serious goal in mind: if psychopaths have distinct and robust preferences for songs, their playlists could be used to identify them.

Hmmm. I really like “No Diggity” but I couldn’t get past 15 seconds of M&M’s “Lose Yourself”. I found several threads on Quora where actual psychopaths responded to questions about what music they prefer. The sample is much smaller than the study but the results on Quora were more mixed than just preferring rap cited in the article. I’m thinking this bears further investigation before coming to a conclusion. Here’s a list of some of the likes~

No Diggity
Lose Yourself
Courtesy Cal
100 Ways to hate
O Tep
Die Antword
Five Finger Death Punch
Papa Roach
Left Boy
Fanta 4
Linkin Park

Oddly enough, Mozart Beethoven, and Chopin got multiple mentions in the Classics.
Here’s one of the songs in addition to No Diggity that I liked.

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Taking a Knee?

I don’t reblog articles very often, this one is too good to pass up and it covers the issue far more eloquently than I could. I particularly like the quote “Right wing nationalists love their country in much the same way that an abusive husband loves his wife. Their professions of love always come in the form of demands, demands that others do their bidding” Oh my goodness. True of the right wing in general and religion in particular!
An excellent post. Do enjoy reading it.


Institute of American Indian Arts (Photo compliments of Moni)

Not everyone really appreciates just how powerful the ritual of standing for the National Anthem really can be. I got a real sense of this when I was 14. My Jr. rifle team won the Wyoming-state BB-Gun finals, which earned our way to the International BB-Gun Championship in Bowling Green, Kentucky. …on July 4th. As the child of a career military officer, I was always happy to stand for the Star-Spangled Banner or to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, but standing there during the final ceremonies, the whole thing took on a whole new layer of meaning for me. That time, I had my heart in my throat. That time, the whole ritual moved me nearly to tears. I loved my country so much, and at that moment, putting my hand over my heart for that beautiful song was absolutely the…

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