The Perfect Man For Me

I thought perhaps I could find my Husband on Christian mingle, so I took their personality test. I just got my results.


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Do You Ever Wonder About The People Who “Follow” Your Blog?

I do.  Those that are regular readers here know I’m not immune to doing unusual stuff, this is going to be one of those times. I discuss a range of stuff here, do some writing, discuss politics and atheism. I appreciate all those who read and “like”, the faithful core of commenters, [I love the conversation!] and then there are the folks who you know you’ll disagree with on just about everything yet they follow, I suppose, in the hope to someday change my opinion about things.  I follow some blogs because although I don’t see eye to eye on religious values, our interests align in other areas.  I don’t ever follow a blog in the hopes of generating a reciprocal follow, because quite frankly, I have little time and energy to spend on fools errands. So we potter along, our little intimate group, admiring each others idiosyncrasies from afar.  Occasionally it makes for interesting conversation.

Today I noticed a new “follow” and had a curiosity bump.  I’ve looked over their blog and Youtube channel and discovered they hold unusual views.  By unusual, I mean a seeming melding of mono theistic dogma from Judaism and Christianity.  Now I may be misunderstanding their positions so I’d like to invite them to comment on how they found my blog, what caught their interest, and maybe a short history of how they arrived at their beliefs.

Normally I’d approach them on their blog, but it seems to serve primarily as a pointer to their YouTube channel, neither of which is really an environment suited to this kind of interaction.

Without further ado, I give you Mort Javadi and his wife who are the movers and shakers at Mahi Ministries.  Do please comment, Mort, even if it’s just to say hi.

We’ll see where it all goes from there. 🙂

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How Did We Get To Charlottesville?

I’ve been avoiding posting about the recent White Supremacist demonstration and the murder of an innocent woman for a couple reasons.  I think it’s so beyond obvious that writing about it ends up being empty virtue signalling on my part, and everyone’s having a go at it on social media.  Still and all there needs to be an introspection about how there’s a seeming resurgence of this odious ideology in the American gestalt.  Guess what? I didn’t have to look very far to find the answer.  It never went anywhere to begin with.

Cue up “Pastor” Joseph Lee. He’s not *really a pastor yet, unless you count possibly buying a sketchy ordination certificate from the back of a diploma mill somewhere on the internet. He *is an ex cop. He’s also a businessman, an actor, musician, white supremacist, and if he was macaroni, he’d be an elbow. I really wanted to reblog his article because there’s so much toxic shit in there I couldn’t get to it all with quotes. But Joseph’s afraid somebody’s gonna steal his “intellectual property” and go winning souls to jesus without him, I guess. So, if you can stand it, go have a look at “How To Make America Great Again By Making It A Godly Nation” .

He starts by bemoaning the “violence” but nowhere in his condemnation is there any specifics. Like his hero Donald Trump, he can’t point a finger to the actual culprits, instead of the “both sides” canard, we get the devil and demons.  Who, you might wonder, are these demon possessed Joseph refers to?  Well, lets see. Atheists? Check. Liberal Christians? Check. Homos? Double Check.

Then there’s the problematic social trends and evil institutions all who are the devil through and through.  There’s the IRS. They’ve infiltrated white churches everywhere to monitor for violations of political correctness  so they can take away tax exemptions. The devil has an office in the sub-basement of the IRS, and to get in to see the boss you have to bathe in warm goat guts. [or so I’m told]

But wait! There’s more!!!! There’s the proNOGafee.  PRENUPTUAL AGREEMENTS.  I have to say, I didn’t see that one coming and I’m the devil’s first cousin. [or so I’m told] Then there’s the vastly popular and politically active movement to make it legal to have sex with children. Or as the rest of us call them, Catholic priests, the Apostolic United Brethren, and FLDS.  Lets see. Hollywood, and political correctness.  Did I mention political correctness?

Ugh. There’s millions of these “god fearing” dominionist assholes all across America. Your churches are FULL of them. And now thanks to Trump, they feel like it’s time to take us back to the 14th century.  The worst thing about them? You can’t reason them out of ideological positions they weren’t reasoned into.  Our only hope is to outnumber them.


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If Steven Ruis’ Recent Article Had a Musical Score, This Would Be it.

Some of you might be getting an idea that I’m something of a Monty Python nut. Guilty as charged.  I’m also a fan of Steven Ruis’ latest article “Im an atheist and I’m OK“. So, any of the faithful who follow me, I encourage you to give it a minutes thought. I think it’s well worth the time.

Now for you Monty geeks, here we go.  First, I’m A Lumberjack and I’m OK.  Those of you with the sharp eye will notice Tom Hanks in the ensemble.

Now if I had to pick a Python song as a coda to Steven’s piece that sums up the atheist viewpoint, it would be this one: “Always Look On The Bright Side of Life” 

Do feel free to sing along.

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Death Row Inmate Eats Bible As Last Meal

From World News Daily Report:

Atmore, Alabama | When the prison staff asked 33-year Jeremy Morris if he wanted anything special for his last meal, he answered “I just want a Bible”.

The prison guards of the William C. Holman Correctional Facility thought he wanted to pray and repent, so they gave him an old copy of the King James Bible.

Against all expectations, the condemned murderer began tearing up the holy book and eating it.

It took hours of chewing and swallowing small pieces of paper, but Mr Morris ate the totality of the 1200-page book, including the cover.

Walter Henri, the prison guard who handed him the old and worn out Bible, says the inmate seemed to “savor every bite”.Holman Prison director, Frank Davis, says the staff decided to let the prisoner eat the Bible because it didn’t violate the establishment’s “last meal policy”.

Amazing.  I wanted this to be true. If I’m ever on Death Row, that’s my last meal. No salt or pepper, just the wretched vellum containing the biggest lie ever told for 2000 years.

But my Spidey sense was a tingling so I looked into it a little further.  What did Snopes say?

It’s true in the same way as Trump’s saying he’s not going to touch Medicare and Social Security.  Well dang. Maybe I’ll settle for a face tat instead.

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