I never thought leopards would eat MY face,

sobs the woman who voted for the leopards-eating-people’s-faces-party…..
Quote @Cavalorn


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100 Days of Trump [Are We There Yet?]

Lets see the new totals Monty!

OH! DEAR! Well, he’s consistent at least.

WaPo has a lovely article about the truthiness of our new Dear Leader.


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Not having enough sex can put you at risk of anxiety, paranoia, and depression.



NOW I get it….

Go see more of Andreas Englund’s art here.

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Say Hello To My Little Friend, Tu Quoque

I’ve added a new category of post: Tuquoque

It’ll make searching for Trumpalumpa Ding Dong articles easier. I’m all about the work smart, not harder rubric….

But first, [drum roll] The number of days Trump hasn’t been a National embarrassment since taking office~

Oh dear. It’s going to be a long 4 years….that’s if Mein Hair doesn’t get re-elected for a second term, which he has already filed for at the FEC. And don’t tell me it’s not possible, 2016 voting demonstrates that.

You may or may not have, depending on your personal levels of anxiety noticed the rhetorical device DuhDonald uses to distract from his perpetual lies being exposed in the media. Atheists will recognize this one as they have to deal with it often when talking with apologists.

Tu Quoque:


Yes, the orange man-baby is all “not about me, all about youing” and Trump supporters are eating it up.

The press has begun to push back on WH messaging, but nowhere near the levels that will adequately inform the public. We need a way to fix this. Education might work over decades, but we don’t have that long. The existential crisis is upon us, and the GOP is in a state of moral collapse. They have no will to defend the American people from what they’ve been dying to do to us ever since since the days of Ronald Reagan.



There must be an answer other than “retreat to the bunker until the radiation clears”.
I’m open to suggestions.

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Everything you Wanted to Know about SCOTUS Nominations…

but were too bored to ask.

We don’t “need” nine Justices on the Supreme Court. The U.S. Constitution established the Supreme Court but left it to Congress to decide how many justices should make up the court.  It’s an arbitrary figure that changes with the political tides. If the current court remains at eight, a deadlock means whatever the lower court decision was stands.

Despite all the ballyhoo from the Conservatives about “Constitutional Purists” there is no official requirement ideological or otherwise, for a Supreme Court Justice beyond  what the Constitution spells out for age, citizenship and residency requirements.  A Justice does not have to be a lawyer or a law school graduate, but all Justices have been trained in the law. The last Justice to be appointed who did not attend any law school was James F. Byrnes (1941-1942). He did not graduate from high school and taught himself law, passing the bar at the age of 23.

The last time that a Republican majority Senate confirmed the Supreme Court nomination from a Democratic President was December, 1895.  Let that sink in for a second. Over 120 years ago.  That’s how long the GOP has been suborning the democratic process on “advise and consent”.  So, it should come as no shock that Republicans would go to the tried and true methods that have stood them good stead for over a century.  What should be a shock to Democrats is that they have permitted it to go on unopposed.  If ever they should have made a stand on principle, it was to conduct no other business until Congress did their Constitutional duty. This is where we always were and still are now:  Republicans will not confirm any Democratic nominee, while Democrats agonize over norms, tactics and appearances of whether to filibuster or not, the battle is already lost.  So, Senate Democrats; why are you still fretting over what to do?


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