Inside the Mind, in a Sciencee, Music-ee Kinda Way

We should probably have a palate cleanser from the political today. On that note, there’s some recent buzz in the media about a recent study that claims to be able to identify psychopaths by their taste in music.
From the article:

In a study of 200 people who listened to 260 songs, those with the highest psychopath scores were among the greatest fans of the Blackstreet number one hit No Diggity, with Eminem’s Lose Yourself rated highly too.

The New York University team behind the work stress that the results are preliminary and unpublished, but the scientists are sufficiently intrigued to launch a major study in which thousands of people across the psychopathy spectrum will be quizzed on their musical tastes.

Tests on a second group of volunteers suggest the songs could help to predict the disorder. Whatever their other personality traits might be, fans of The Knack’s My Sharona and Sia’s Titanium were among the least psychopathic, the study found.

The researchers have a serious goal in mind: if psychopaths have distinct and robust preferences for songs, their playlists could be used to identify them.

Hmmm. I really like “No Diggity” but I couldn’t get past 15 seconds of M&M’s “Lose Yourself”. I found several threads on Quora where actual psychopaths responded to questions about what music they prefer. The sample is much smaller than the study but the results on Quora were more mixed than just preferring rap cited in the article. I’m thinking this bears further investigation before coming to a conclusion. Here’s a list of some of the likes~

No Diggity
Lose Yourself
Courtesy Cal
100 Ways to hate
O Tep
Die Antword
Five Finger Death Punch
Papa Roach
Left Boy
Fanta 4
Linkin Park

Oddly enough, Mozart Beethoven, and Chopin got multiple mentions in the Classics.
Here’s one of the songs in addition to No Diggity that I liked.

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Taking a Knee?

I don’t reblog articles very often, this one is too good to pass up and it covers the issue far more eloquently than I could. I particularly like the quote “Right wing nationalists love their country in much the same way that an abusive husband loves his wife. Their professions of love always come in the form of demands, demands that others do their bidding” Oh my goodness. True of the right wing in general and religion in particular!
An excellent post. Do enjoy reading it.


Institute of American Indian Arts (Photo compliments of Moni)

Not everyone really appreciates just how powerful the ritual of standing for the National Anthem really can be. I got a real sense of this when I was 14. My Jr. rifle team won the Wyoming-state BB-Gun finals, which earned our way to the International BB-Gun Championship in Bowling Green, Kentucky. …on July 4th. As the child of a career military officer, I was always happy to stand for the Star-Spangled Banner or to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, but standing there during the final ceremonies, the whole thing took on a whole new layer of meaning for me. That time, I had my heart in my throat. That time, the whole ritual moved me nearly to tears. I loved my country so much, and at that moment, putting my hand over my heart for that beautiful song was absolutely the…

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Hello. It’s Been Awhile. Not Much, How ‘Bout You?

I’ve been bone idle about posting but you knew that.
I’m sitting here wagging my head back and forth like some spastic version of Stevie Wonder. Music? Poetry? Music? Poetry? I can’t decide. Like Solomon, I’m gonna split the baby.
Here’s the lyrics to a song. I’ll spare you the music, but if you’re curious it can be found here.


Hello, yeah, it’s been a while.
Not much, how ’bout you?
I’m not sure why I called,
I guess I really just wanted to talk to you.
And I was thinking maybe later on,
We could get together for a while.
It’s been such a long time,
And I really do miss your smile.

I’m not talking ’bout moving in,
And I don’t want to change your life.
But there’s a warm wind blowing the stars around,
And I’d really love to see you tonight.

We could go walking through a windy park,
Or take a drive along the beach.
Or stay at home and watch t.v.
You see, it really doesn’t matter much to me.

I’m not talking ’bout moving in,
And I don’t want to change your life.
But there’s a warm wind blowing the stars around,
And I’d really love to see you tonight.

I won’t ask for promises,
So you don’t have to lie.
We’ve both played that game before,
Say I love you, then say goodbye.

I’m not talking ’bout moving in,
And I don’t want to change your life.
But there’s a warm wind blowing the stars around,
And I’d really love to see you tonight.
PS. While I was looking for just the right stuff I found a song with just one word as a lyric. “Soup” if you must know.

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Republican Jesus’s Church Now Open To Houston Refugees

I’m pretty sure Republican Jesus doesn’t approve of helping UGH poor people or those who find themselves suddenly in need of food and shelter due to a weather crisis. How are these people ever going to learn personal responsibility?

Perhaps he’ll do like the red cross and get their info so they can be billed later.

One of Republican Jesus’s leading ministers, Joel Osteen, who has a 16,000 seat mega church in Houston has been closed to the public until recently.  It would still be closed but for the unrelenting shaming on social media. Here are some of my favorite tweets to Osteen, who by the way has been blocking twitter users who tweet him about what a fine christian he is.


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Now Hear this

I’ve started another blog. You may have already seen a new icon in your likes and such. If there’s good news about this, it’s that I’ll post even less there than I do here. But I’ll be using it more for comments and the like as my laptop is wheezing and arthritic,  missing keys, and the LED is about to take it’s last shit.

That is all.

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